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Sesotho Adverbs

Adverbs provide more information on the way in which a verb (action) is performed. The following adverbs can be used in Sesotho sentences as an extension after the verb:


at night - bosiu
in fall - hoetla
in spring - selemo
in summer - lehlabula
in the evening - mantsiboea
in the morning - hoseng
in winter - mariha
last year - ngoahola
next year - isao
on Monday - ka 'Mantaha
the day before yesterday - maoba
this year - monongoaha or Selemong sena
today - kajeno
yesterday - maobane


abroad - mose
at school - sekolong
at the shop - lebenkeleng
behind - morao
far - hole
here - teng
in town - toropong
front - pele (in front of - ka pele)
middle - hare (in the middle - ka hare)
near - haufi
on the ground - fats'e
up - hodimo
under - tlase
(Similar to: Locatives in Sesotho)


again - hape
badly - hampe
maybe - mohlomong
nicely - hantle
often - hangata
painfully - ha bohloko
really - ruri
slowly - butle


very much - haholo
a little - hanyenyane